Top 5 Windows Software Download Websites

As we all know in this century our need in terms of technology and using new gadgets have increased and we are using new- new gadgets like computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets in our daily life. All this gadgets are making our work so easy and fast. This progressive increase has lead to development of different kinds of software, because we all know software’s makes our works much easier.

Top 5 Windows Software Download Websites

Top 5 Windows Software Download Website

There are different kinds of activities for which we can use the software including in our daily life. This is why the best developers of world’s leading company develop useful software’s just by observing our needs and requirements. We can easily download this kind of useful free software’s online from world’s best websites listed below-

  1. Softpedia

Softpedia is one of the most famous website which allows you to download free software of your choice. There are many features in this website like along with downloading the free software user can get detailed information of all the software with feedbacks and reviews. This website is initially released in the year 2001. From the launching year the website is working as an encyclopedia in term of providing new and useful free software’s. Softpedia is safe and secured option to download free software’s.

Softpedia is compatible to Windows, Linux, Mobile, Mac.


  1. Softonic

Softonic website is launched by Tomas Diago in the year 1997. This website is also one of the trusted and popular website for downloading free software’s. Here you get a wide range of useful software’s and offers easy download. The downloading process of the software happens via Softonic downloader which offers fast and safe download. Softonic website also has the blog corner in the website where the developers gives information about the latest update and technology.

Softonic is compatible to Windows , Linux, Mac, Android, Windows Phone.


  1. Brothersoft

Brothersoft is launched in the year 2002. This is one of the most visited websites by the visitors. A wide range of Over 2,00,000 + free software’s are available in the website like utilities, drivers, browsers, mobile app, wallpapers etc. For the regular sizes software you can get the direct link to download but for the big size software’s you need Brothersoft downloader to download the big software.

Brothersoft is compatible to Windows, Android, Mac, Windows phone.


  1. Sourceforge

Sourceforge website is very easy to use and its interface is well arranged and easy to handle. Even you are first time user or experienced in downloading the software’s you surely love this website by seeing its tools and interface and wide range of software files. This website also offers detailed information of the software which will be helpful to you. All the software available here to download are verified and cross checked. This is why the software’s are virus and malwares free and safe to download. If you have any issues related to software after downloading in PC or laptop so you can discuss the issue with the user community and they surely help you.


  1. Filehippo

Providing all types of software’s like open source to shareware, Filehippo is best choice for you. This website is launched in the year 2004. Filehippo offers the best software’s for windows. Filehippo is a website which also has their owned developed software’s too like filehippo update checker which is helpful in telling you about regular interval update of your computer software. This website is easy to handle and you can search the software’s and download them easily.

Compatible to Windows, Mac


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