Top 5 News Portals

Today we are discussing the top 5 news portal or you can say top 5 news websites. Reading news is a important part of our life but now a day we don’t have that much time to go buy new papers or before going to office sit and read the news papers. So what’s the solution for this the solution is to read news online in your mobile phone. With the help of Internet you can read all types of news in your mobile with ease. It saves lots of time. You can also share the news to anyone through social media. It’s a best way to keep ourselves updated.

Top 5 News Portals

Top 5 News Portal

  1. Yahoo! News

Yahoo news saves the 1st number on the list and Yahoo news has more than 175 million visitors every month. Well many people thinks how does Yahoo beats Google in the list but as you can see the answer is in the stats it has more than 175 unique visitors. Yahoo news keeps you updated in each and every field of the news like current news, sports, politics, finance etc. yahoo news was launched in the year of 1994. They provide the real and focused content which is liked by the readers. Yahoo news also has their mobile application. Founder of yahoo news are Jerry Yang and David Filo.

  1. Google News

Google news is a news portal or app developed by Google. It has thousands of articles which are continuous and regular and the posts are organized from various publishers. Google news also available as the app on Android, iOS, Web. Google news is available at more than 35 different languages. Google news was launched in the year 2002. As the survey says over 150 million visitors visit Google new every month. Google news come 2nd on the list but soon it will take over the 1st number because the unique and new visitors are increasing very quickly. Google news covers all categories of news like politics, current, entertainment, sports etc. they also provide the quality content to the readers. Founder of Google news is Krishna Bharat.

  1. Huffington Post

The next name on the list is HuffingtonPost and this news portal saves 3rd number on the list. HuffingtonPost news portal has more than 110 unique visitors every month. It is quite similar to the Yahoo news portal. HuffingtonPost news portal is an American news portal. This news portal was founded in the year 2005. You can read news in more than 8 languages. Website’s layout is so clear that you can read news with ease. It has various categories of news like politics, sports, business, lifestyle, technology, entertainment, healthy living, local news etc.

  1. CNN

CNN is stands for Cable News Network. CNN is a American news portal. CNN was founded in the year of 1980.  CNN has more than 95 million visitors every month. CNN is one of the news portal which is fastest growing portal all over the world. Because of its popularity and users convenience CNN is available in the mobile app on the play stores. CNN news portal also have the news channel which shows 24 hours news to us and it is seen globally by millions of viewers.

  1. New York Times

New York Times is on the 5th number on the list. New York Times has more than 70 million visitors every month. New York Times is an American news paper from New York City. It is very popular and users love to read local news daily. The layout of the news paper is similar as the newspaper that’s why people love this more and it is a good competitor of others. New York Times provides all types of categories news to its readers. They provide a nice quality and trusted content.

Founders of New York Times are Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones.

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