Best Android Phone Launcher

Here in this post we are going to tell you about the best android phone launchers which are amazing and you can use these launchers to change our smart phone. These android launchers are best, if you want to update and upgrade your android experience. If till now you have not upgraded you launcher so try to upgrade them for taking the best experience. Every user has android launchers in the phone which are perfect for them but if you want some kind of change then here is the list of some best android phone launchers for you.

Best Android Phone Launcher

Top 5 Android Phone Launcher

  1. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher is one of the best and reliable launcher for the android users. Microsoft launcher is known as Arrow launcher in the earlier stage. Microsoft launcher can create and update new wallpapers with the help of bing. It has a feature of Google card in the home screen. Along with this in this Microsoft launcher a recent panel is also available which are helpful in accessing the recent contacts and media files again in just one click. Microsoft launcher is very fast and it offers great speed. Microsoft launcher is the best productivity launcher.

  1. Evie Launcher

On the other side many launchers offers the most stylish customizable options but some launcher are also present which gives simpler and attractive experience, Evie Launcher is one of them. Evie launcher is one of the fastest launcher. This launcher provides many home screen shortcuts which are very helpful in changing app drawer and folder grid as you want to. It has a amazing feature called universal search, with the help of this feature you can search anything in the app.

  1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best and useful android launcher. Nova launcher is also one of the light weighted and fast launcher in the market. This launcher has lots of customizable options in it. This launcher offers great response and stability. You can also change the size of the icons as your choice and you can also make shortcuts. If you take the prime version of the launcher then you get more features. Nova launcher offers the best launcher layouts and themes.

  1. Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher has amazing useful features in it. Buzz launcher has a feature called Homepack Buzz in this feature it has more than 7,00,000 + home screens available which are shared by any users. Along with this is it has app locker and ram cleaner feature in it. Along with this it has the feature of screen effects which works as live wallpapers. With this feature on screen you can experience the best live wallpapers. So Buzz launcher has many features in it.

  1. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is also one of the best launcher available for your android devices. Apex launcher has thousands of themes in it which you can download from play store. Apex launcher supports both smart phone as well as tablets. With the help of this launcher you can use 9 different types of home screen. In the pro version of the launcher you will get lot of gestures in it. Along with this Apex launcher also increases the speed of the phone.         

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